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Piilo aims for Mars

Piilo announced that the company will be the first Talent Software to be used on Mars when a human settlement is created. The decision was spurred by the company’s vision of applying new technologies and research in the development of human potential.

“This is not only a giant step for us but also for interstellar computing and mobility” says CEO, Phil Lӧtter. It is with great excitement that Piilo will provide technology to support the management and development of people on Mars. Piilo will provide basic automation of administration but the biggest focus is on the development of talent.

Piilo sees this as an opportunity to break the barriers of traditional talent development beyond what businesses on Earth are using. Piilo technology will include research from neuroscience for accelerated learning as multi skilling will become key within the limited pool of resources. Latest developments in gamification will be incorporated in learning and performance, not only to support development targets but also to make it more engaging and fun for the colony members. Social media will play a critical role not only in keeping in contact with friends and family, but also sharing experiences with professional groups on Earth. Distant learning and the ability to use interactive three dimensional learning tools are critical. “We are extending this development beyond traditional talent management, and include the development of future technologies that promise some aspects of transhuman capabilities,” said Lӧtter.

“We see the colony on Mars using technology that will be out of reach for Earthlings during the initial phases. As we imagine and dream about the possibilities of developing human potential in space, we can discard the old and entrenched industrial age methods and focus on creating a new dawn of talent solutions ” Lӧtter remarked.


At Piilo, we see this playfulness with Mars as a catalyst for creating new and exciting talent solutions for businesses and individuals. As the MarsOneProject is a journey into the unknown so is the discovery of our true human potential. 

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