Piilo HR Pocket App

Piilo HR Pocket App


The Piilo HR Pocket App provides small business with an easy and practical solution to automate employee administration using only a smartphone. The functionality includes:

  • Payroll: Create payslips. View, download and email payslips
  • Employee data: Enter employee data, photos and upload supporting information via camera
  • Time recording: Record time and submit for approval
  • Leave management: Request leave, view balances and upload supporting information via camera
  • Performance awards: Allocate and view awards
  • Co-worker search: Search for co-worker information
  • Notifications: Receive and act on requests/approvals
  • Reporting: View reports for each functional area
  • Work on/off line: Work offline and sync data when you have connectivity
  • Sync co-worker contact information: Sync contact details on your smartphone
  • Authorization: Manage everything on behalf of employees or give them access to manage their requests and data
  • Data backups: Data is safely stored on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure
  • Data availability: Data is available 24×7

Select the Windows Phone store icon below. Please request information about the Android and iPhone version.



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