Piilo Premium

Piilo Premium is focused on helping midsize to large business to automate Human Resources and Talent Management. Piilo Premium provides comprehensive combination of solutions to manage:

  • Employee data
  • Performance management
  • Performance improvement
  • Disciplinary action
  • Career and skills development
  • Time management
  • Leave management
  • Contract management

Piilo Premium is available as:

  • Premium Standard
  • Premium Talent
  • Premium Professional


Piilo Premium can be delivered as cloud based multi and single tenancy or on premise.


Piilo Premium can be customized when delivered as single tenancy or on premise solutions.


Piilo Premium can be integrated with other cloud and on premise business systems.

Support Services

Piilo and our business partners provide support services to make Piilo Software implementations successful. This includes:

  • Implementation projects
  • Data migration
  • Integration with business systems
  • Customization of Piilo Software
  • Training
  • User support

Managed Services

Piilo and business partners also provide business with the opportunity to use Piilo software and services as managed HR services or outsourcing.

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